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Eco Campaign: Be the Change - Safe Haven`s Youth Exchange on Climate Issues Project (in Turkey!)

The Eco Campaign (entitled "Be The Change") mobility exchange on climate issues will take place in Olympos, Antalya, Turkey, from the 24th July until the 31st July. 

As a worthy integration initiative, The Erasmus+ funded project involves partners from Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Turkey,  facilitating the Mobility of youth workers and youth learners, in the frame of different Mobility sessions. Each mobility session deals with an issue of climate change or environmental protection (water protection, waste, biocide, nature activities, protection of biodiversity and natural parks), revealing their global connectedness and the local opportunities for youth participation and youth action.

Safe Haven Ireland is delighted to be involved in the project this year, as we have facilitated the recruitment of 5 lucky young people to take place in the exchange in Turkey