The voyage experience as seen by one of of our trainees

In June, 10 young people living in Ireland from a variety of backgrounds stepped aboard our first voyage of 2016, kindly sponsored by Mason Hayes Curran law firm. Among those lucky trainees was Weronica Ozog. You can read Weronica's personal take on the experience below: 


"My experience with Safe Haven Voyages: 

For my summer holidays I got the opportunity of going sailing with Safe Haven Voyages. At first I thought that it would not be a good idea as I was scared. Then after getting to think about it I thought it would be a nice experience and I could learn something. 

And so on the 19th of June we sailed off from Dublin to Cobh (in Cork) for five days. For five days we were sailing on the largest training vessel in Ireland. In total there were fourteen people. For me personally, it was very interesting to meet with people from different parts of Dublin as well as the world. 

I really enjoyed meeting the crew on board. They were very friendly, helpful and I learned a lot from them. 

During my time on board I was on the Whale Watch. There was a timetable with two different watches, Whale and Bird Watch. By that, you had to follow the timetable. The jobs were: cleaning, making breakfast, lunch and dinner or being on deck and looking out for dangers in the sea that could harm the boat. On the boat I learned how to tie knots, open sails and lots of other stuff that needs to be done on board. 

Over the five days the hardest thing was making food downstairs when the boat was bouncing off the waves!

The most enjoyable things during the week were the people, crew and the wonderful experience of all the things I learned as well as the beautiful scenery of the coast of Ireland."

Weronika Ozog