Safe Haven Voyages and EYMF: building community through sailing

The EYMF crew: Hossin, Idriss and Guelord

The EYMF crew: Hossin, Idriss and Guelord

On the 4th June, we joined the European Youth in Migration Forum (EYMF) as they launched their video about the experiences they had on board of the Spirit of Oysterhaven last summer. 

The launch took place at the Dublin River Fest 2016, on board the dutch-flagged Tall Ship Morgenster, and was attended by Sail Training Ireland trainees, family, friends and others who support the project. The young peoples shared the experiences they had on the voyage, in particular how much they learned about team-work and about themselves during the week-long trip. They screened a video they made, which you can view today.

We had a wonderful time with the young people on the voyage last summer and we look forward to creating even more wonderful memories this time around, with our next trip taking place on the 19 June 2016 (just three days away from now!)